Mindfully made & sustainably crafted beachwear.

Recycled materials.
Natural fabrics.
Long-lasting products.

Earth, wind, and tire.

Comfortable and resistant, our sandals are made out of recycled tires from South Africa. When you purchase a pair of Savanna sandals you’re keeping nearly a pound of non-biodegradable tire out of overflowing landfills and burn pits.

A simple way to do the right thing.

Our towels are made out of organic cotton from Turkey. No need to be the savior of planet earth to wear Savanna. Small gestures that fit with your everyday life can prevent accumulating waste and pollution.


Your best eco-friendly summer essentials guide

We want you to make this season greener, so we are bringing our full summer guide. Today, we cover all the categories: from skincare to clothes and accessories....

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