Making good feel great.

Our mission is to use natural fabrics and recycled waste from landfills to create long-lasting beachwear products you can enjoy with everyone you love.

When you purchase a pair of Savanna sandals you’re keeping nearly a pound of non-biodegradable tire out of overflowing landfills and burn pits.

Our mission

Our beachwear products are exclusively made from recycled materials and natural fabrics.

Our sandals are made out of recycled tires from South Africa. Comfortable and resistant, they’re a simple way to the right thing and make a long-lasting impact on the environment.

Woven 100% from hand-picked Turkish cotton, the same idea of quality and sustainability was applied to our Turkish towels. Crafted in Denizli, Turkey, they're made of organic cotton and don't contain any harmful material to nature & human health.

Sustainable meets reliable.

Products that wear out quickly and need to be replaced after a single summer are a major contributor to pollution.

Our sandals and towels are both meant to be durable and comfortable, and we use an earth-friendly and durable approach to manufacturing and product development.  

Our ethos

The little forks in the road are what will lead us to a greener future. Just be yourself and find simple ways to do the right thing. Savanna is one of them.

What's next?

We're currently working on future products including towels and cover-ups made 100% of natural fabrics.

As a pending B Corporation, we’re constantly refining our products and enhancing our sustainability efforts to bring you the world’s most eco-friendly beachwear products.

Savanna is also a pending member of 1% for the Planet, an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

Ceo & Owner

Kerrie Gill

Kerrie is the founder of Savanna. She is also a former Navy F-16 avionics expert, an experienced Sales Engineer, and a Saas Product Specialist with a passion for data.

"When I was deployed to Africa, I noticed areas where plastic bags were hanging from the trees blowing in the wind. They also had massive burn pits. I was seeing the local effects of pollution and poverty firsthand. I wanted to do something good for the world, so I founded Savanna in an effort to do that."


Olivier Roth

Olivier is an entrepreneur and nature-lover at heart. He was looking for new ways to contribute to sustainable endeavors. He joined Kerrie on her mission and is focusing on Savanna's brand experience and marketing.

"There are many low-quality, plastic-filled, cheap beach products and accessories out there that people toss after only one season. With Savanna, we created a beachwear brand that combines comfort, sustainability, durability, and a sense of togetherness. Honestly, what's a better time than a day in the sun with the ones you love? Savanna was born to make those moments extra special and keep us mindful of the environment."

Ready for a sunny and sustainable tomorrow?